About Us


Our Designs

UNDA means a wave. It is without form, wildly raw and free. Following no specific formula, but instead allowing our imagination to flow; riding the waves, if you will. What results is an original marriage of form, function, and timeless aesthetics. That is what Unda is to us. 

 The Studio

Store Unda was founded in 2014 by Valerie Wang, a Fine Arts BA graduate. Currently based in +65.

 The Process

Every single product created is carefully crafted and curated with love.

Founder Valerie Wang makes the leather prototypes by hand, making umpteenth adjustments and revisions before the final design is actualised.

The leather prototypes are sent to Vietnam, where seasoned leather artisans lovingly craft limited pieces, which are then sent back to the sunny shores of Singapore. A lot of care and thought goes into our designs, and we hope you'll love them as much as we do!